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What you need?

Thursday 24th June 2021

I needed some bonemeal.

If I'm honest, I wasn't really sure what bonemeal was. I could work out that it might contain bones, but that didn't really help much.

The problem arose because we have some gaps in our hedge. In fact, things had got to the point where we had some hedge in our gaps, but I digress. The lady at the hedge place said that 20% of the hedge whips - that's what hedge-lets are called, apparently - would die unless I planted them in bonemeal.

I was already out of my depth. I did some research and found someone locally who can plant hedges, and before I'd even mentioned the bonemeal, he said, "It's best to plant hedges in bonemeal. I'll bring some with me."

Wow. That was easy. Percy turned up with a colleague, and two hours and two mugs of tea later, we had a hedge. Well, a baby hedge that will grow up into a big strong hedge one day.

That's what happens when you use people who know what they're doing. They literally know better than you what you need.

When the tables are turned - when we're working on printing and signage projects for our clients - we listen carefully to what they want. When we do the work, we make sure we include what they need as well as what they want.

So, what do you want?

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