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Lockdown weight


Tuesday 27th July 2021

It was a bit of a shock, to be honest.

When lockdown started, I didn't mind too much. I'm past the age of being out socializing every night so having to stay in wasn't a problem. We - my wife, daughter, me, and the dog - went out walking in the woods almost every afternoon.

But it seems I may have enjoyed lockdown a bit more than I was supposed to. As well as enjoying walks in the afternoon, I also enjoyed working 10 seconds traveling time from the kitchen. It was easy to "just" have some marmalade on toast with the mid-morning tea, or similar.

But when I stood on the scales last week, I had a bit of a shock, so now I'm only allowing myself a tea and I'm foregoing the toast.

If I'm honest, the reading on the scales wasn't a complete surprise. I'd noticed that there may be an extra gram or two of weight being acquired, but I thought if I ignored it hard enough it would just go away.

Ignoring things and hoping they'll somehow improve may be a common strategy, but it's seldom successful. We see it sometimes when we take on a new customer. We mention an issue we've found with an old project they want to reprint and the client says something like, "Oh yes, I've been meaning to sort that out...".

It's OK. We don't judge. We want the perfect print job as much as you do. It makes perfect sense to have someone else sort out those important-but-somehow-not-urgent problems. Unlike print job problems, though, I can't delegate my slightly over-optimum weight problem to someone else.

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