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How much do you pay for soap?

Monday 8th November 2021

If you like soap operas then read on...

A man staying with some friends went to their bathroom. He noticed they had several bars of soap, which he thought was somewhat odd. From lavender to eucalyptus to French clays, the soap options were plentiful.

He asked his friends, “Why do you have so many bars of soap? I have a 50p bar of soap at home and it suits me just fine. I can't imagine how much you're paying for your soap.”

His friend replied, “We pay £3 from a local shop and they make the soap using quality ingredients. The shop staff always listen to our needs and recommend the perfect soap.”

The example above shows how a commodity item such as soap can be given extra value. In fact, a company called the Whiskey River Soap Co in the US makes a wide range of soap with some hilarious packaging - see the image above!

At Manchester Printers, while we can't recommend the best bar of soap for your needs, we will put together a perfect print solution that gets you a great response from your target audience.

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