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Why I love my lawyer!

Friday 26th November 2021

I've found a lawyer I like.

I called the lawyer who deals with our commercial contracts recently. He's brilliant and, like the Stella Artois adverts say, he's reassuringly expensive.

But he couldn't help me.

I had wanted some advice about making a small change to our company legal structure (exciting stuff, huh?), but he only deals with contract law. He can't help me make the changes I need.

Actually, he probably could. I'm sure they cover company legal structures at law school. But he specialises in commercial contracts: that's what he likes, that's what he does, and that's what he's good at. He was able to recommend someone else who might be able to help, though.

That's how it should be. When you have a specific problem, a specialist is what you need. GPs spend their working lives determining whether you need a specialist and, if so, which one to send you to.

Here at Manchester Printers, we specialise in digital printing. From time to time, we get asked if we can help with a screen print issue - and we say no. We can recommend others, but we can't help. Yes, we know a little bit about screen printing, but if you have a screen printing problem, you need a screen printing specialist, an expert. Not us. But if you want help with digital printing - well then we can help. Digital printing is all we do. All day. Every day. We're experts.

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