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Paul Daniels

Debbie does magic

Monday 23rd August 2021

Our house cleans itself by magic.

OK, that's not strictly true. What actually happens is that Debbie comes round every Tuesday and - with the possible exception of our 14 year old daughter's room - cleans the house. Let's focus on the house rather than the mystery and intrigue of an adolescent's room.

At first it felt a little odd inviting a stranger into our house and having them go into (almost) every room. But Debbie does a great job; we trust her in our house, and she's happy with the arrangement too.

It works really well. My wife and I are both busy at home; Debbie comes round and efficiently freshens up the house. She earns some money and my wife and I can focus on what we do best. Win-win.

The boot is on the other foot when it comes to Manchester Printers and our clients. Now it's our turn to do the housekeeping. We keep our client's print and signage projects on track, and they get on with what they do best.

More win-win.

When it comes to keeping print and signage projects on track, you have a choice: DIY (do it yourself) or DFY (done for you). If you choose DIY, good luck!

If you prefer DFY, just let me know.

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