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Wants & Needs!

Monday 6th September 2021

I have to have an electric car charging point even though I don't have an electric car.
We're planning to knock down and rebuild our house. During the planning phase there were lots of things we wanted - underfloor heating instead of radiators, good insulation, light and airy rooms and so on. Our architect turned our dreams into plans, and the council turned those plans - together with a sizeable sum of money - into permission to build.
But they imposed conditions on the rebuild. One of those conditions is that the new property must have an electric car charging point. Even though we don't own any electric vehicles, I can see the sense of that.
This isn't something we want, but it is something we need.
There will be other elements of our build that fall into that category too: things we need rather than things we want.
Here at Manchester Printers, we design and print for our clients. We print what they tell us they want, but we'll also add in what they need. Sometimes they have errors in the artwork, so we double check and put it right.
Our house will be what we want plus what we need: fit for purpose. Here at Manchester Printers we provide what our clients want and what they need, also fit for purpose. Now, if I'm going to have an electric charging point, maybe I should book a Tesla test drive.....

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