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Electric car


Thursday 9th September 2021

I was disappointed. Electric cars are growing in popularity and, as mentioned recently, we will have to have an electric car charging point on our new house. So looking at an electric car made sense, and where better to start than Tesla? I booked a test drive of the entry level model 3. I've never done a test drive before without being accompanied by the salesman, but this one was solo. The paperwork did mention that Tesla would track my location, though... I liked the performance. I liked the tech. It handles well. But there was something missing. The inside of the car looks bare (because everything is controlled from the single 15" screen). The quality of the finish inside is - well, "OK". The price of a Tesla 3 is slightly more than a BMW 520. The BMW is much nicer inside. The Tesla is unbalanced: excellent - maybe world-best - in some respects, but poor in others. I value a more rounded experience. At Manchester Printers, we provide excellent print and design support. But it isn't just about being technically excellent. We need to have smart, polite staff rather than script-driven "representatives". We need to be proactive, even challenging our clients' requests sometimes. We need to see our clients as an extension of our business, not people who are somehow distant from it. And we do all those things. I'll be hanging on to my Range Rover SVR for now because that's the right car for me. Is your current printer supplier arrangement right for you? Should we talk?

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