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Order Early for Christmas.........

Thursday 23rd September 2021

Bear with me on this……

Have you noticed the empty shelves?

Apples to artichokes, Loo rolls to lollipops – there are all kinds of shortages out there right now.

Pandemic? Pingdemic? Brexit?

Who knows!

But we do know that cars are in short supply and some factories closed. So if you will be needing a new car or van in the not too distant future, the message is plan ahead and at least be aware.

Order early. Some manufacturers are not accepting orders, others are quoting over a year lead time!

Here at Manchester Printers we have a similar situation with our raw materials, paper, board, PVC & ink!

We are however continuing to speak to our suppliers and get as much of this material 'stock piled' as possible ready for the Christmas rush which will be happening from now onwards.

Don't leave it too late for those personalised wall planners, calendars and cards or your next major print and signage project, remember plan well ahead.

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